Macedonian Political Highlights


Eine Analyse von Risto Nikovski Mit der Zweisprachigkeit ist der Kern völlig klar, fordern die Albaner in Mazedonien keine zusätzlichen personellen oder Bürgerrechte sondern einen dritten albanischen Staat. Es ist doch Föderalisierung Mazedoniens durch kleine Tür, jedenfalls ein Projekt, an dem sie fleissig arbeiten und immer eine offene und herzhafte US-Unterstützung und direkte Hilfe bekommen. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger, ein solcher Status wird ihnen Weg für die Abspaltung mit politischen


Topic: Open Society Foundation (SOROS) The beginnings of the Foundation date back in 1993. George Soros had a proposal list of three candidates for the director of the “Open Society” Institute, and all three of them had same political background. By ideology they belonged to LCM and based on different, mainly family reasons, they worked as agents in the counterintelligence services. The elected one, Vladimir Milcin was a personal favorite

NEUTRAL BALKAN (text from October 2016)

NEUTRAL BALKANS – Mission Impossible In small states in the Balkans vulgar, violent and rude US diplomacy, is opposed by silent, the level of non-existence, apathetic Russian diplomacy. In the last week of October in Belgrade held a “Book Fair”. Within that held two days debate “Neutral Balkans – Basis of European security.” Attended by 30 guests from Macedonia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska, Croatia, France, Germany, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and hosts

Retro text from summer 2016: EU/NATO DOUBLE STANDARDS

Retro text from summer 2016. MONTE NEGRO vs MACEDONIA EU/NATO DOUBLE STANDARDS Within less than 200 kilometers, in Europe, in the heart of the Balkans, the EU vulgar shows double standards without any shame! At the same time, during the 2015 th year, in Montenegro and Macedonia took place identical events. Namely, the opposition in those two countries, unable to seize power through parliamentary elections, trying an alternative, violent and


I consider myself a world recorder in logical questions. I think that something must be caused, questioned, provoked … For example, because science claims that everything in the cosmos is spinning, including our planet around it and around the sun, I’ve always wondered which force turned the galaxies, the cosmos? They say that everything came from a big bang, from an exposition when something came from nothing?! Super, but how

Prime Minister Baily to bring in 200,000 muslims in Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid, Skopje, Negotino…

Starting this year, the Macedonian Government will build 100 residential buildings across the country, namely in Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid, Negotino, Gevgelija and Demir Kapija. The quote of 20,000 muslims from the Middle East have now been extended to 200,000. They will be given free housing, jobs and citizenships. Prime Minister Baily’s strategy is very simple. The 200,000 muslims (11% of the population) will tip the scale in the voting

“Prime Minister“ Baily not allowing protests against US Army presence

Prime Minister Baily not allowing protests against US Army presence By Marija Nikolovska  – July 30, 2017 1 Macedonian police did not arrest a single individual during a year long manufactured protests in which dozens of monuments were damaged, the presidential office was set on fire, and dozens of policemen were the recepient of flying bricks. Fast forward to last night, several members from “Levica” protested the presence of the

Macedonia is under occupation by CIA maniac Jess Baily

Macedonia is under occupation by CIA maniac Jess Baily By Gorazd Velkovski July 29, 2017   Macedonia is under occupation by CIA maniac Jess Baily   Also see: and   The Republic of Macedonia is an occupied state. The occupier is Jess Baily, an exponent of a Washington political underground called the Deep State, a CIA maniac, and a set of European gangsters with colonial barbaric predispositions.   Since its independence,

Yesterday - Nazi occupation of Macedonia

Yesterday, Republic of Macedonia (still sovereign  state) was military occupied by USA Army. Politically, we are occupied long time ago by the American ambassadors in Skopje. As in Paris 1940, foreign occupational army did that where the “Arc de Triomphe“ is.   PS What articles on BBC and CNN will look like, if Russian army come like this in Skopje?


The text of the agreement on friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation with Bulgaria, which has already been harmonized and published, is shameful, abusive and humiliating for Macedonia. It is simply incredible that it is significantly worse even from the 1999 capitulation declaration, with additional and serious ignoring of Macedonianism. Today, July 27, 2017, we received a discreet confirmation that even behind this catastrophic defeat of Macedonia, the United States again stands.