Macedonian Political Highlights

Севрџанска вукојебина - Црево Стоката ментор на џандарот криминалец

Целосна реконструкција на бегството: (Не)намерни пропусти во амбулантата, спроводот, полицајците, командирот… Бегалецот Беким Мемети сам си ја расекол раката, осуденик ангажиран во затворската амбуланта препорачал да го носат во болница, командирот Срѓан Димитриевски му наредил на заменикот да изготви документ, па полицаецот му кажал и во кој дел на комбето да го смести. Вака отприлика изгледале миговите пред затвореникот осуден за обид за убиство и дрога да им избега на

Ghanem Nuseibeh on crusade against Qatar

This mysterious businessman works behind the scenes to sully Qatar’s reputation at all costs using strategies that are as crude as they are dubious. His latest find: calling into question the holding of the 2022 World Cup organized by the Emirate because of Covid19. Revelations… His name does not make the front page of the tabloids. No wonder. Ghanem Nuseibeh cultivates with art discretion and a taste for secrecy. An


AI and ghost journalists: behind an anti-Qatar propaganda campaign, the shadow of the United Arab Emirates Antoine Champagne and Jacques Duplessy on 28/09/2020 False journalists have produced dozens of articles aimed at denigrating Qatar. Real newspapers fell for it and resumed their writings. “Marianne” led the investigation, and saw the probable paw of the Emirates behind this elaborate sleight of hand. For almost a year, 19 fake journalists wrote

Ghanem Neuseibeh, the mysterious Halal Pope in France

Definitely, his name doesn’t sound familiar. Of course not. Ghanem Nuseibeh cultivates discretion and a taste for secrecy. It’s an asset to this lobbyist who was born into a large Muslim family in Jerusalem in 1977. An expert in strategy and management, he runs his company Cornerstone Global Associates in Mayfair, one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, with an iron fist. England, his second homeland where he attended all his

Number 12 Squadron - why Qatar was chosen as First Benefactor

The 12 Squadron was re-established on 24th July 2018 and has benefited the Qatari’s greatly in both training capabilities and branding. A highly “agile aircraft, 123 RF Typhoon is designed to be a supremely effective dogfighter in combat” and is manufactured by a consortium of three leading aerospace corporations – Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica) involving the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. A flight global that flexed its

Turkey’s Military Procurement backbones Bahrain’s National Security

Turkey’s Military Procurement backbones Bahrain’s National Security Political Rivals Bahrain-Turkey secretly become Defense Allies Small but powerful: although a small unit, the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) is efficient and competent enough to safeguard the country’s national interest and maintain a tight border security. Yet in view of the country’s geographical positioning, complex security landscape and role in the Middle Eastern conflicts, the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) requires an up-to-date

Through Platini, judiciary targets  Sarkozy

  Since its creation in December 2013 under the presidency of François Hollande, the obsession of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) has been to politically kill Nicolas Sarkozy, who has already been targeted by several investigations. The latest one concerns the terms of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in which judges use Platini to kill the former President of the French Republic. Revelations….   Surveys of the Elysée.

Интегра во Австралија

ФБ пост на Биљана Антоска Стојанов.   Политичката партија Интегра е во посета на Австралија. Дојдоа Д-р Љупчо Ристовски и М-р Сузана Чесмаџиска. Гдинот Ристовски како и секој политичар па овој плус и теолог ни одржа литургија за тоа колку Интегра се добри и што се би направиле за Република Македонија и македонската нација и сите жители кои живеат во неа. Низ сите муабети ги искритикува сите партии (што и

Тања Каракамишева

Кога претседател на Собрание се избира на скали без записник и со спорен број на гласови, кога вториот мандатар за состав на влада се утврдува врз основа на ТОЛКУВАЊЕ на Устав, а не согласно Устав, бидејќи според Уставот НЕМА ВТОР МАНДАТАР, кога претседател на Република бара ГАРАНЦИИ??? што после никој не знае како да ги активира, кога одлука за самораспуштање на Собрание се третира како тоалетна хартија, па ако затреба

 Stabbing the FIFA vice-president

Ahmad Ahmad, the boss of African football, who has launched many reforms to fight corruption, has become the man to be brought down. “You should always be careful of your right arm because it is often he who wields the lethal weapon behind your back. ”Ahmad Ahmad should have made this old Ottoman proverb his own. The President of the African Football Confederation (CAF) could have avoided the twisted blows