Whatever it is, it’s about Milenko!!!

“The same person is prosecutor and judge” the principle we thought ended with the departure of the Ottoman Empire from the world political and social scene. We thought it ended  with the death of Macartism, Stalinism, Beria and Goebbels’s media massacre.

But no! We lied to ourselves. Fascism marches on the world stage. Never stronger, never more conceited  self-imposed, never so determined without trial, evidence and truth to remove all organizations and individuals who oppose them in their fascist commodity.

Thus, aside the beheadings of the Middle East, ethnic cleansing in Africa, the destruction of landmarks and graves in Kosovo and Metohija, the destruction of crosses in Macedonia – the only person who in the report of the US Department of Foreign Affairs for “Religious Freedom in 2016 in the world “is mentioned by name and surname is MILENKO NEDELKOVSKI !!!

Why? Because on social networks I said that 27 million Russians are more than 6 million Jews !!! And because I asked which suffering is greater. Oh yes, and because I announced  the great Jewish secret which is between the two largest Jewish tribes of the battle to extinction of each other  for more than two millennia long .

That the Western “civilization” has been building an case against me for a long time, has long been known to me. And I wrote it long ago. I’ve written, here now again, that I’m not afraid of them.

Now is Milenko an issue?!  You, the country who exterminated more than 100 million native Americans and who  atomic bombed Japan.

Milenko, huh?

If so, continue.

And Christ was alone against the strongest world empire.



I can only thank for the de-FIROMisation of my country. Below we are as Macedonia.