The text of the agreement on friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation with Bulgaria, which has already been harmonized and published, is shameful, abusive and humiliating for Macedonia. It is simply incredible that it is significantly worse even from the 1999 capitulation declaration, with additional and serious ignoring of Macedonianism. Today, July 27, 2017, we received a discreet confirmation that even behind this catastrophic defeat of Macedonia, the United States again stands. Just like in 1999. The embassies of Bulgaria and the United States in Skopje have released a joint statement to hail the deal! Why was there a need for the two countries to celebrate together if the project is not shared? This is just new evidence of profound American involvement in all of our past four centuries of Golgotha. Let us recall that at the beginning of our suffering, in the 1990s, when the UN’s illegal UN mediation on the name began to be launched, the US President, Clinton, ordered Nimitz (from 1994 to 1997) to be his personal representative in the process! According to which logic and criteria, the president of the only super power, was supposed to directly monitor a bilateral problem? Did he not have more important tasks? That inevitably means that the main intention was to influence it. Why else would interfere? The conclusion is only one – the United States has direct and important interests in and around Macedonia. It’s an undeniable fact for 25 years.
A) They suspended our name in the UN;
B) We were imposed by the Temporary Accord;
C) America and Bulgaria prepared the declaration of 1999 between Macedonia and Bulgaria for us ;
D) They organized the 2001 war;E) the Ohrid Framework Agreement was laid down by them ;
F) They completely changed NATO’s policy towards Macedonia in 2008 and set a blockade on us, used blackmail and ultimatums from open doors – first the name then the membership …
E) organizing tapping;
F) they conceived The Przino agreement…

The time has come now for the United States to ruin Macedonia through the agreement with Bulgaria, which will definitely eliminate the autochthonousness of the Macedonian language and will open the doors for renaming the country and erasing the Macedonian people. With this agreement, the international position of the Macedonian language is definitely destroyed. It is crucial that this is done with our consent. We can absolutely be sure that Sofia will not allow anywhere in the world (UN, NATO, EU, OSCE …) to register our language as it’s own without the addition – “according to the Constitution”. Meaning for the USA and Bulgaria the Macedonian language doesn’t exist before 1945 when the constitution was written. The Macedonian language will officially cease to exist. Washington now only needs to complete its cycle regarding the Macedonian name and the people, which they started through Athens, and the story of Macedonianism will completely and definitively come to an end. Regarding both subjects of Athens and Sofia, Macedonian consent needs to be given and that is already being worked on hard. Macedonia shows that it is ready to wind up the spine and capitulate, and Bozhidar Dimitrov and the similar ones in Sofia still can not understand that such amateurs have been found in Macedonia. Apparently, our new government is prepared for strategic and historical concessions, sacrificing the fundamental interests of the Macedonian people. It is an unprecedented chance for all vultures, both from the neighboring countries, and from Washington and Brussels, to satisfy their appetites. The way it is, the agreement is, in fact, the final of the Bulgarian historical counterfeits. With it, Sofia proves and we accept that the roots of the Macedonians are Bulgarian. It contains only Bulgarian interests by completely ignoring the Macedonian interests and is full of illogical and contradictory information. No word is in favor of Macedonia and Macedonians. The text is asymmetrically indirect and openly ignores the historical character of the Macedonian language and its autochthonousness. This is one of the key Bulgarian interests in the agreement, although others are not underestimated. Here is the trap – according to the agreement, our mother tongue was only recognized with our Constitution being put in place – if so, what was it before this time? WHAT WAS IT EVEN BEFORE 1944? BEFORE CREATING THE CONTEMPORARY MACEDONIAN STATE? ACCORDING TO THIS BULGARIAN AGREEMENT MACEDONIA IS ACCEPTING THAT THERE WAS NO MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE BEFORE THIS CONSTITUTION. Is it sufficiently clear what kind of stupidity we will sign. What language our grandfathers were talking about, they knew.

1. The agreement does not mention the Macedonian people at all. For Bulgaria there is no such thing, and our agitators obviously did not want to provoke something that does not exist. To sign an agreement on friendship and cooperation between the two countries and to ignore the terms “Bulgarian” and “Macedonian” people is crazy. Cooperation and friendship are among the nations and people, not ministries, institutions, administrations …
2. No minorities are mentioned. If there was any interest of Macedonia for such an agreement, it had to be reduced to regulating the position of the Macedonians in Bulgaria. It is known that they are not recognized, that they are fiercely assimilated, that they have no rights and that they are persecuted because of their national feelings. The verdicts of the Court of Strasbourg for registration of the party of Macedonians in Bulgaria, OMO Ilinden – Pirin, are not respected. How can you build a friendship with Bulgaria? How can you build a friendship with Bulgaria without regulating the status of the Macedonians there, who are still numerous, though there are less and less? What kind of friendship will we build with someone who does not recognize us as a people and ignores our minority in a shameless way?
3. Macedonia had to insist Bulgaria apologize for the fascist occupation of the Second World War, albeit in the best possible way. This is okay but because we are granted and obediently play the role of a state defeated in a war, this is not the case. So, we will change their fascist past in our textbooks. Why else would there be Bulgarian friends?
4. The preamble to the agreement states that it will co-operate “on the basis of mutual respect, trust, understanding and mutual respect for the interests of both states.” In the Bulgarian attitude towards Macedonia there is absolutely nothing of the above listed.
5. In the same part, the emphasis on “the fundamental meaning of the Joint Declaration of February 22, 1999, in the relationship between the two countries” is utterly unnecessary and slap in the face for us. This Valorizes something that is a flagrant ignorance of the Macedonian national and state interests and, unfortunately, with our consent, one of the two pillars of the state is ruined – the Macedonian language… That is because Bulgaria is tying up our hands so that we must stick to The declaration! Professionals and amateurs. That’s the problem.
6. This section of the text concludes with classical denial of Macedonianism. It is concluded that the agreement takes into account “the common history that connects the two countries and their peoples.” Since our history is common, Bulgarian in other words, it is normal not to mention the “Macedonian people”. This stupidity was not part of the earlier declaration.
7. We have already explained that Bulgarian assistance on our way to Brussels is extremely marginal. Sofia recognizes that too. Article 2 of the agreement states that Bulgaria – “will support the Republic of Macedonia for receiving an invitation for NATO membership in accordance with the relevant decisions of the NATO summit meetings”. Because the top of NATO gave us a blockade, blackmail and an ultimatum – first, the name then the membership in 2008.Bulgaria in the friendship agreement with Macedonia reaffirmed their consent and support for the blockade! Hey, what friends do we have! When the top of NATO will decide to accept, Sofia will first applaud. Bravo!
8. For our additional damage, the declaration has been upgraded with Article 3 of the Agreement. Macedonia undertakes the obligation that – “the two contracting parties shall organize, with mutual consent, joint celebrations of common historical events and personalities …”. There is no more whether we want to or not. Without Sofia’s “Mutual consent” we cannot celebrate our history, however we should not dispute that we will concur with what Sofia asks us to celebrate – Bulgarian history.
9. Article 5, which is rewritten from the declaration, refers to our obligation to get rid of the Macedonians in Bulgaria. Not that we did something for them, but now the Parliament will have to confirm, through the ratification, that Macedonians in Bulgaria don’t exist. And if, by chance, they have it, it’s their job and have nothing to do with us. They anyways will change our name. This article is completely asymmetrical because in it such an obligation doesn’t exist for Sofia. Sofia can however convert the “Bulgarians” in Macedonia.
10. For the last paragraph of the agreement, we have already said enough about our “constitutional language”.
11. Bulgarian Foreign Minister Zaharieva clearly told us – “Skopje should decide whether to continue to be isolated from its neighbors and the world in making themselves very big and important or wanting to have European perspectives.”

This looks more like a threat than a friendly message to me. What about you?

Risto Nikovski
July, 2017

Translated by Bona N.